High quality

The delivered raw material is produced, packed and transported according to the Good Manufacturing Practices (G.M.P.) and according to HACCP principles.

Declaretion of non – GMO

Here COVITA declares that none of our products, produced, packed, delivered and soled are Genetically Modified. None of the ingredients contain any genetically modified organism. No Biotechnology or processing agents have been used during production. The product complies with the European non – GMO regulations.

Product's conformity

Our products are fully complying with the EC regulations regarding raw materials, process, packaging . The company has implemented the food standards ISO 22000 and BRC systems many years ago.

NSF-CMi Conformity

NSF-CMi is the most widely known and respected food assurance brand, protecting consumers and enhancing business throughout the global food supply chain. NSF-CMi Certification is the leading provider of independent assurance and certification services to the agriculture, produce and processing industries. They specialize in the delivery of individual and combined assessments to a broad range of international, national, and client specific standards. The BRC Global Standard – Storage and Distribution has been created to complete the chain between food manufacturer and the retailer or caterer. The standard is designed to assess the ability of companies storing and distributing products to comply with food safety requirements and demonstrate due diligence. We are proud to have achieved a HIGHER LEVEL of conformity with NSF-CMi
BRC 2015 FDA 2015 ISO 22000 Kosher 2015 Cherries & Peaches OU certificate Halal certificate