Main panel Covita S.A is a long established business with a family history of producing cherries for over 50 years. Our company processes over 10.000 tons annually and has been audited with BRC certificate of conformity. Also please note that COVITA SA is a world leader in producing diced peaches and red cherries.
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Walnuts are truly amazing. The wood from their grand trees have provided furniture for nanas' the world over; the shells of the nut are tough and strong, finding use in heavy industry, as well as in battle (predominantly playground-oriented). And then there's the nut itself, found gracing all manner of food, whether it be cakes or cheeseboards, ice creams and tarts, pastes, oils, sauces and preserves
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Whole Red Glace Cherries (E127)
Whole cherries pitted and destalked, which have been subjected to a glace process. The texture is firm but not tough, the flavor is sweet and without foreign flavors.
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